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Air-conditioning system care guide

Friday, April 12, 2019

Common issues with air-conditioning systems and how to fix them.

A car’s air-conditioning system is put through its paces all year round, cooling drivers and passengers in summer and warming up the car cabin during winter. With so much use comes a multitude of concerns. Here are the most common problems faced by car-owners, and the best ways to handle them.

There’s an odour problem

A musty or mouldy smell circulating through a car is a sign of dirt and moisture build up in the air-con system, which equals bacteria and mould. Even if the air con remains unused for a period of time, it still gathers dust which is sent flying through the air next time the fan is turned on. Not only does this mean bad smells travel throughout the cabin, but bacteria and mould spores are sent into the cabin’s air as well, to be inhaled by drivers and passengers and lead to respiratory and sinus problems.

How to fix it: While consumers may plug an air freshener onto the vents and call it a day, it’s definitely not a long-term solution. Introduce them to Permagard Antimicrobial Shield, which is a non-toxic protectant actively attracts and kills organisms mechanically to reduce risk of cross-contamination and mutation. It bonds to a car’s interior surfaces and also permeates through the air-con system to ensure clean air circulates through the cabin.

The air con isn’t pumping out a lot of air

This problem quite often goes hand in hand with an odour issue, so while it’s possible that the issue could be a faulty fan or loose hose connection, it’s likely that weak airflow is due to a blocked cabin filter. A blockage is usually caused by a build-up of dirt and debris, which, if left for too long without cleaning, will block the vents so limited air can actually circulate.

How to fix it: Depending on the severity of the blockage, the air-conditioning filter may need a thorough clean or a complete replacement. Either way, up-selling a replacement/declogging job with a sanitisation treatment - and implementing a regular sanitisation routine - is important to ensure cleaner air and also to prolong the good condition of the filter, saving consumers time and money further down the track.

The AC isn’t blowing out cold/hot air

Although this may be another blocked-filter situation, it could also be something more complex within the air-con system itself, such as a blown fuse in the compressor, broken cooling fan or leakage due to a lose or broken hose connection.

How to fix it: While this sort of technical issue requires far more complex repair and replacement, it’s still important to use the opportunity to educate consumers about the need to regularly clean and sanitise their cars’ ventilation system. It makes ongoing maintenance easier, meaning less headaches for them - and you.

To find out more about air-conditioning care and our revolutionary sanitisation solution, get in touch via our website to speak to our friendly sales staff.


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Choosing the right tint for your car

Friday, April 12, 2019

Whether you need to block out UV rays or hide from paparazzi, window tinting is practical and stylish - and one of the most commonly requested aftermarket products around.

Picking the right kind of tint needs more consideration than you might think. Here are some handy hints to make your decision easier:

1. Get the legal lowdown

Every state and territory has different regulations when it comes to how dark your tint can be - and what windows it can be applied to. Professional window tinting companies know the ins and outs of what’s legal and what’s not, but it pays to do some research of your own first.

2. Know your shade

You may be surprised to learn that there are so many different tints that go beyond your standard black, including bronze, grey, gold and amber. Do some research online to check out the different shades on cars in the same colour as yours, so you can decide what tint shade looks best!

3. Check the UV grade

With the harsh Aussie climate, it makes sense to go for the highest-grade window tint you can. Our tint can block out up to 99% of UV rays, protecting you and your passengers and also shielding interior cabin surfaces from the harsh effects of the sun.

4. Protection for a lifetime

For peace of mind, go for a window tint backed by a lifetime warranty (like ours!*). Even with proper care, some window films may need to be replaced over time, so a lifetime warranty will ensure those potential small repairs won’t leave you out of pocket.

*Warranty terms, conditions and exclusions apply.

To book in for a window tint or to find out more, visit our website:


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Better together: Working with Permagard

Thursday, February 28, 2019

It isn’t just our products that are designed to create a lasting bond - our team are too. From professionally delivered training to ongoing support, being a Permagard client can ultimately help your business in more ways than one. 

Ongoing training and support

Our team are dedicated to supporting dealerships with experienced, motivated and passionate sales consultants and technicians, who can deliver the highest standards of service and attention to detail.

Says our general manager, Andrew Forster: “The Permagard team will go to great lengths to find the most suitable candidates to fill vacant roles at our partner dealerships, ensuring they have the experience, knowledge and the personality required to deliver great results.”

The quality of our team’s ongoing training and support is a key part of the Permagard difference.

Application training

It’s one thing to know about Permagard’s products, but entirely different to experience them first-hand. We’re committed to providing training for correct application of Permagard’s range of paint and interior treatments - because, as NSW team leader in operations Jessie Riley says, once you can see it for yourself, it offers a greater sense of satisfaction in providing that same experience to consumers.

“One of the biggest things actually when I took the job [at Permagard] was somebody showed me how the product worked, they did a demonstration on the bonnet - no buffing, no nothing, it was just a straight application and the impact it had on the actual paintwork was amazing. So, it gives you a sense of satisfaction doing that as your job.”

Ongoing support

Just like a family, we’re here for you round the clock, with our support team on the phones during the day and our social channels open 24/7. All-hours accessibility makes it easy to ask us questions and share consumer feedback so that we can help your business grow.

“We’ve worked with dealerships to create customer and staff testimonials and other digital content that showcases our quality products, but also the amazing service of the staff at our partner dealers,” says Andrew. “It’s a win-win for us, and gives our consumers confidence in Permagard products and trust that dealerships have provided them with quality service”.

Follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram and use the hashtags #permagard #protectwhatyoulove


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