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Permagard is fully committed to Quality, focusing on Customer expectations and satisfaction throughout a continuous improvement plan.

This is a key element of Permagard's commitment to delivering value for customers by understanding their needs and solving their problems. Whatever the task, the entire staff is always motivated to give their best efforts wherever they are playing a role.

Customers throughout the world are assured that our products and services will always meet their requirements.

This includes all the various Company processes implemented in the lifecycle - from design of products, raw materials selection, manufacturing, delivery and application processes.

Over the past years, Permagard has taken some very important steps to realise these aims by implementing a never-ending journey in terms of a “Permagard Quality Improvement Plan”.

As a result of its commitment, the Permagard Quality Management System has been certified to the ISO14001 (Environment), OHSAS18001 (Health and Safety) and ISO9001 (Quality).

In addition, Part 145 Maintenance Organisation, one of the divisions in Permagard has received the Approval Certifiate from the Civil Aviation Safety Authority in Australia.


Your car's finish needs to be protected, be it one of the newer clear-coated finishes or an older traditional finish. Paint oxidizes with time and will eventually dull and dissipate its colour resins, all of which can be avoided with a little care.

All paints contain 'oils' that are necessary. Sunlight, oxygen, airborne pollutants and incorrect care deplete these oils. More often than not, it is neglect that destroys a finish.

Permagard's main ingredients are of the most protective coating elements known to man.

The advanced reactive polymer structures developed in our coatings, lock and bond in multiple layers protecting against all types of chemical attacks (acids, insects, pollution) on your paint and even repel most dirt from sticking to the paint so your vehicle stays incredibly clean between washings.

When washing is needed you can simply rinse dirt away with water! Nothing is easier. Nothing protects as well. Nothing lasts longer and has a deeper gloss!

The Facts

  • Permagard is the only aftermarket vehicle protection programme approved and recommended by Mercedes-Benz Australia/Pacific.
  • Permagard products are sold by authorised Mercedes-Benz Dealerships and used by authorised Mercedes-Benz Autobody repairers in Australia.
  • Permagard has been awarded a global part number for BMW Global.
  • Permagard's automotive coatings have proven to be the most paint compatible coatings in testing conducted by BMW Japan 2010.
  • All Permagard polymer products are manufactured to ISO14001 (Environment), OHSAS18001 (Health and Safety) and ISO9001 (Quality) certified standards and are not out sourced.
  • Permagard coatings have been proved to be the most durable in the automotive market.
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"A genuinely outstanding product range that really works in a market full of products that promise everything and deliver very little."

Wayne Green, Presitge Auto Salon, Sydney

"Our customers demand the highest quality of service, Permagard products help us deliver that service".

Perfect Autobody, Sydney

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