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Permagard Automotive offers its customers two pioneering window tint products tailored to meet your needs. Utilising the very latest in UV and heat deflective technology, Permagard Automotive Tint provides a superior tint solution.

  • Protect yourself and your passengers.
  • Significantly reduces the exposure to solar energy and UV radiation.
  • Shield you and your family with PF 450+ and PF 500+ protection.
  • Safer driving with the reduction of glare by up to 55%.
  • National lifetime warranty for peace of mind.


An advanced colour stable non-metallised film incorporating the latest fourth generation carbon based polyester materials. The film is black in colour making it a close fit to the privacy glass found on many vehicles today. Aurora is a highly durable non-reflective film with a tough scratch resistant coating, available in darkest legal and mid strength. Privacy film available for commercial vehicles.


Our premium tint film represents the latest in solar energy and heat rejection technology. By reducing the solar energy, including infrared rays, entering the vehicle, this leads to reduced cabin temperatures. Available in darkest legal, mid strength and clear.

Why choose Permagard?

Permagard Automotive window tint uses highly durable non-reflective films which come with a tough scratch resistant coating. They are also non-metallised ensuring absolutely no interference with radio or cellular transmissions.

Permagard Films all come with certification from ARPANSA (Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency) with Protection Factor ratings of 450+ and 500+.

All Permagard Automotive window tints are backed by a national lifetime warranty against fitment and product failure*.

* Warranty terms, conditions and exclusions apply

"In keeping with Permagard’s tradition of excellence and high standards, Permagard Automotive proudly offers owners a premium solution to the Automotive Window Tint market to complement our range of leading vehicle protection. Our team of trained and qualified staff are ready and able to fulfil all your needs. Feel free to put us to the test."

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Permagard Window Tint Brochure Permagard Window Tint Brochure (349 KB)

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